Thursday, October 22, 2009

Disneyland Today - October 22 thru 26, 1990

Welcome to Disneyland Today for October 22 thru 28, 1990. That four story tall Party Gras Parade balloon looks like Sonic the Hedge Hog?

The Disneyland Hotel with its old windows that opened, the new widows do look pretty cool. Ask for your change in Fun Money!

Once again the park is open from 10am to 6pm Monday thru Friday, just one week before Halloween – Can you image that today? Disney Afternoon on KCAL-9, I used to watch that!

Looks like the Party Gras is winding down as the party ends November 11th.

Here’s some valuable information for you –Part of Disneyland’s charm was that parking lot, they should have left it alone.

A Magic Kingdom Club one day passport for October 25th, 1990. Nice even serial number…

$23.50 was two dollars off the “regular” price, those Magic Kingdom Club Members get all the special deals.

The parking tickets have the neat Disneyland font and logo.

This appears to be an unused Mickey balloon from 1990, it still feels new but I didn’t inflate it, don’t want Mickey’s head exploding.

Fun little stringed tag for stroller/wheelchair rentals.

Also included for your stay at Disneyland in October 1990 is this flyer where Disneyland Park salutes the Festival of Britain at the South Coast Plaza?

The back side is a plug for the Disney’s once wanted and then discarded Queen Mary / Spruce Goose attraction. The mouse can be fickle sometimes.

Looking towards tomorrows Trip Report post, here’s the current map & flyer to compare with the 1990 version.

The flyer insert has changed its style with a slight update, I like it.


Major Pepperidge said...

8 items (I think?) today, wow! You must be feeling confident!! Your comment about the parking lot made me laugh, I'm sure the Disney folks never dreamed that anybody cared about all that asphalt.

Looking forward to the trip report!!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hi Major (or should I call you juror #6) Well, all the 1990 items came from the same person so I felt they should stay together in one big post.

Anonymous said...

Trip report! All right. Looking forward to it.

TokyoMagic! said...

I wish they had developed something next to the Queen Mary as originally planned. Paradise Pier actually might not have looked so bad if it had been built next to a real ocean. Bring back the DL parking lot! Better yet, tear down DCA and build WESTCOT!

Can't wait for your trip report!

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