Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Disneyland’s Incredible Shrinking Courtesy Guest Ticket

Have you noticed how things seem to be shrinking these days like cereal boxes & ice cream containers? This has happened before, but with “Courtesy Guest” tickets from Disneyland in the 1970’s. Sometimes even Disneyland is subject to cost cutting measures.

By the early 1970’s the “Courtesy Guest” ticket looked pretty much the same as it had for about a decade. Show here is a March 1972 ticket, this is the last issue of this style. Wow, that Globe paper is sure vivid, the paper is crisp and still feels new. The “X” in the serial number and the stars on the right side indicate this is a “Courtesy Guest” ticket.

Show here from top to bottom: From July 1972 an all new style still on the larger size tickets. The honor of “The Happiest Place on Earth” is now acknowledged, as it should be. Next from June 1975, the guest ticket has undergone some weight loss, but still has the same style. Least and last, the little ticket on the bottom is from September 1979. The updated castle - not so sure about that...

As you can see from the front on the books, by 1979, the “mini tickets” only required three pages to be printed, as the welcome message is attached to the first (of five) tickets. These “mini ticket” books are the flimsiest ticket books Disneyland every produced.

I want to be a Courtesy Guest, what do I have to do?

This post needs color - Time for a Vacationland! From the Spring of 1979, the Vivacious Betty Taylor graces the cover along with some other lovely ladies.

Love it or hate it, Big Thunder is coming in the Spring of 1979! Oh wait, maybe they would retract that if they could, I’m pretty sure it opened in September 1979. Be sure to read this article, it sounds like a great attraction. I still love it even if it didn't really come out as cool as this story depicts.

Come back on Bonus Sunday for the entire issue. This is one of the best “later” Vacationland, in fact, its in the top 5; An amazing 3 pages article on Betty Taylor and the "Revue" gang, “The Pendleton Story”, “Epcot Opens in 1982”, “Disneyland’s New Ambassador”, “The Disney Archives” with Dave Smith, and classic ads for all the local amusement parks.


Viewliner Ltd. said...

Great tickets and even a greater cover of Vactionland. Looking forward to the Pendelton Story. Always one of my favorite.

Major Pepperidge said...

I have some older Courtesy Guest Books, I'll have to check and see if they have an "X" in the serial number (they are not Magic Kingdom Club books, so it might not apply).

Love the Vacationland Cover, I am in love with the girl in the front right!

TokyoMagic! said...

I've said it before, but that Big Thunder artwork of the avalanche scene looks far better than what we ended up with!

Looking forward to seeing the whole magazine!

TokyoMagic! said...

P.S. How was the park yesterday? Can't wait for your trip report!

neil said...

Hi there Disney "freaks" and I mean that as a term of endearment... I have two sets of these 1972 courtesy guest ticket books, and they are complete, intact and unmarred. Also included are the special courtesy guest admission for both, along with a second set of complimentary admission passes, also with this lot, are the original letter apologizing for the accident which occured that prompted their issue, and a Disney personal property damage claim form, and reciept for drycleaning which disney paid for. I am selling one of these books with the original letter, a slip pass to melodyland from 1969. Can you please give me a ballpark figure on what to expect these to go for? I have had a few offers, and I dont know whether to accept them or not, or just let the auction complete. A couple of buyers are being really pushy about trying to circumvent the sale, and trying to get me to sell to them at a fixed price. I dont know what to do.

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hi Neil! I actually have been watching your items on Ebay. (link) I see you listed them for a "Buy it now" of $185 or a make offer. That seems about right. The two main gate passes are actually still valid for one day entry to Disneyland, so the two alone are a $144 value (2 current tickets @$72 each).

The letter and claim form are somewhat subjective on their value. I've purchased a couple of "sorry & have some tickets" letters from Disneyland for about $30-40 each. They did not have that cool claim form however.

The pass to melodyland may have fetched a decent price all on its won, not a ton, but it might get lost in this auction with the Disneyland Stuff.

I wouldn't accept anything less than $150. If I had an extra $185 I would buy it now!

Take care and good luck!