Thursday, October 29, 2009

Knott's Flyers & Historic Aerials

These two Knott’s Berry Farm flyers got lost in my den a while back and they have just been found; can you believe I almost threw these away!

This first Knott’s “General Information – Summer Schedule” is not dated, but its OLD! I would place it around 1957 based on the appearance of “Serrano the educated Horse”. What was the Whip Act all about? Square Dancing at the Wagon Camp, count me in!

From the Summer of 1969, it now costs a buck to enter the farm!

Has anyone played with “”? If you are into a comparing vintage aerial photos with current aerial photos, this site if for you!

Here’s Knott’s with 1954 on the left and 2003 on the right. When you are on the site and use the “compare tool” you can “swipe” left & right to see the changes or “dissolve” one image over the other, very cool stuff!

Disneyland 2004 on the left, 1972 on the right with all its parking lot goodness. Disneyland is really fun to play with the compare tool since it has 1953 when it was just orange groves!

The interface is a little awkward to use. Just put in the address and press find point. Be sure to select a “function” (such as Pan Image or Zoom In) before you click the image, otherwise it can be a bit frustrating.


Major Pepperidge said...

Yes, that Historic Aerials is pretty cool, but you are right, the interface is a mess. Still, it is great to be able to compare and contrast; I always love a good "then and now" comparison!

Katella Gate said...

Oh God... I never knew about Historic Aerial... Now I won't get ANYTHING done today.