Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Magic Mountain Ticket - 1975

Time to head to the mountain, Magic Mountain! From 1975 this $5.95 ticket bought you the entire mountain (parking, food, games and merchandise excepted). The wizard and trolls are happy you bought their ticket. They seemed even happier when they were on the pink ticket (link). In a couple of years the ticket would become much more animated and on “Globe” paper (1977 - link).

The parking fee of 75¢ is an outrage, what’s next $15?

Now for some neat vintage post cards. These are from the “Mike Roberts – Berkley 94710” collection, the same maker of the “Maxi Cards” (link), these are normal sized post cards.

Naturalistic Wonderland” not to be confused with “Natures Wonderland”. What’s all that green stuff on the hill and where are all the roller coasters?

Valencia Falls” still running but with a slightly different look (link).

"Sandblasters" still blasting away, not sure if the cars are the same, but this guy (link) still guards the exit.

"The Jet Stream" still running but only on the one side, why did they close the other side?

Here's the back sides of the post cards.


Major Pepperidge said...

That first postcard is great; just like Disneyland, I love early photos of magic Mountain when it was so much smaller and very charming. And the Jet Stream was fun (although I always compared it to the Log Ride at Knott's).

Wishbook said...
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