Wednesday, August 12, 2009

The Story of Aluminum at Disneyland - 1955

Time for a vintage Disneyland souvenir. From 1955 Kaiser Aluminum & Chemical Corporation presents “The Story of Aluminum – at Disneyland”. The contents of this little booklet are a bit dry, unless the production of aluminum excites you. The covers however are pretty exciting. The entire booklet is available for download here:

The Story of Aluminum at Disneyland – 18mb

Nice early artwork on the back cover, I see some vintage fence at the Autopia structure.

Inside of the front cover is a nice layout of the “Kaiser Aluminum Show”. See Daveland's blog for a super interior shot, including the pig (link). For number 1 you can look into the Giant Polished Aluminum Telescope here (link). Number 4, the “Huge Aluminum Time Sphere” can also be seen on Major’s Blog (link). Number 11, the “Eight foot Aluminum Star surrounding Venus” can be seen over at Matterhorn’s blog (link). For an education show, it sure looked fun!

You live with aluminum. We wouldn’t have this modern world without aluminum”. This sure reminds me of how Zinc Oxide is in our everyday life (link).


disneyland tickets said...

In the excellent book Disneyland the Nickel Tour
the authors tell that Kaiser Aluminum wanted out of Disneyland almost 3 years before their 5 year contract had expired because they felt that the Disneyland TV show had competing sponsors on it. With some persuasion from Walt, this exhibit stayed on until July 1960.

Davelandweb said...

Tim - What a cool brochure; love the simple graphics of it. Great post!

Matterhorn1959 said...

Still one of my favorite brochures. The map inside is a definite bonus.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Absolutely Fantastic!

Major Pepperidge said...

Ha ha, "Kentucky Fried Movie"! Takes me back to 1977.

This is one of my favorites, I agree with Matterhorn!

George Taylor said...


Fantastic...thanks for scanning it.

DisWedWay said...

The Kaiser Aluminum exhibit inspired the Tomorrowland enterance facade which i always thought was aluminum as a pre WED kid. Then at WED I found out it was made of fiberglass panels to look like aluminum and was made at WED. Glad it has survived several New Tomorrowland redo's.

Donna Matoi said...

I'm just curious, do you think this booklet have any value today?