Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Disneyland’s Summer of 100 Million Smiles - 1971

This summer 1971 parking lot flyer offers you two wonderful ways to enjoy Disneyland’s Summer of 100 Million Smiles!

There are really three wonderful ways to enjoy Disneyland in 1971: A personally guided tour, Big 10 ticket book or Deluxe 15 ticket book.

There’s a new day After Dark at Disneyland. Super fun drawing below, I dig the balloons and the Moon guy.

Looks like we parked in section “F”. Fun things to do after your visit, was Knott’s open after “after dark”?

We’d (WED?) like your help!

Surveys are nothing new at Disneyland. I prefer this type of survey versus the cast members wearing a computer that approach you as you enter the main gate these days.

This receipt for the Character Corner has faded to almost blank. I was able to revive it somewhat, although the color is way off. I wonder what kind of goodies they bought on June 25th, 1971?


Anonymous said...

I love the logo for 100 Smiles! It's so cute!

Major Pepperidge said...

An adult "Deluxe 15" ticket book (a $12.35 value), only $5.59!! Includes admission to the park. AIEEEEEEEE!!!!