Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Park Operating Schedules - 1966/67

For the next two weeks expect some odd and “lose ends” posts as I try to catch up on some older stuff that needs some attention.

Today’s post in dedicated to Jason over at Disneyland Nomenclature. While most of us will find this post as exciting as watching paint dry, Jason should find it fascinating. These are large size park operating calendar sheets, with each side showing 3 months of the year. I don’t know if these were for Magic Kingdom Club Members, general public or ?

The first calendar has all the events listed off to the side and the daily hours next to each date.

The second calendar shows the events on each individual date. This particular calendar kind of gives me the goose bumps as it lists December 15, 1966 as open 10 – 6, that had to be the saddest day ever at Disneyland.


Major Pepperidge said...

Jeez! Never seen these before. I can only assume that these were used by cast members? Who else would need a large calendar of the park's schedule!

Katella Gate said...

I remember riding the Monorail sometime in the early 70's in the early evening, with a scheduled park closing about 10 or 11. The CM came over the train's intercom to announce that the park's operating hours had been extended and Disneyland would now close at 1 AM.

You could practically feel ripples of excitement at the prospect staying well after midnight in the Park.

Exaggerato said...

"it lists December 15, 1966 as open 10 – 6, that had to be the saddest day ever at Disneyland."

Come to think of it, I have to wonder if there were announcements made on Disneyland's PA system that day, or the day following, of Walt Disney's passing, let alone a general state of mourining.

Katella Gate said...

@ Exaggerato: My guess is there was no major public announcements about Walt's passing at the park. Part of it would be "the show must go on" philosophy, the other is that you are deliberately depressing your guests with bad news.