Monday, August 3, 2009

Houdini's Magic Magazine - January 1978

Welcome to Magazine Monday. As we continue to scrape the bottom of the magazine barrel, we find “Houdini’s Magic Magazine” from January 1978. This wouldn't be a true magic magazine if it didn’t have Doug Henning himself on the cover. The dude looks like he is having such a great time with that infectious smile, I think that’s part of his “look over here” style.

The Disneyland article claims “Disneyland is the grandest and best amusement park in the world, where magic is a total state of mind”. While the article seems to indicate it will reveal secrets, it’s really just a run down of the usual press department facts & figures.

The centerfold for Magic enthusiasts.

And of course what magic magazine would be complete without Uri Geller bending a few spoons with his powerful psychic mind!

How about a few tricks you can try yourself. Man that ‘70’s style of drawing really freaks me out.

Here are some REAL magic tricks you can purchase yourself. I want the Egg Bag!


Major Pepperidge said...

That's a nice article; it's funny how they like to pull out those statistics ("... 300 trash cans, 700 benches, 94 restrooms... ").

The Houdini illustration is SO evocative of that era. And Doug Henning, I remember watching at least one TV special with that dude!

Oh, and I love the little spot illustrations in that last image. I may need to know the "Lit Cigarette" trick; magicians everywhere will appreciate the fact that "absolutely no skill is required"!

Matt said...

This magazine reminds me a lot of Dynamite, a bizarre kids magazine we use to get at school. But I am always happy to see pictures of Alice, even blurry black and white newsprint ones!