Friday, May 29, 2009

Disneyland - 1956 Bank of America

As the “Bank on Main Street” at Disneyland gets ready to close, and following up on Davelands super Vault Door post yesterday (link) let’s take a look back near the beginning of the banks history.  This “Your Guide to Disneyland” is compliments of Bank of America. This brochure is almost identical to the first version produced by Bank of America in 1955 (link to prior post), even the front panel is dated 1955. However, as the inside map will reveal, this version is from 1956.

Nice rendering of the bank, even if there are a couple of windows missing (link).

You can check the prior post (link) to see the $1 version that was sold on EBay, I can’t recall how much it sold for, but it was in the hundreds. Notice the $10 money order has an incorrect “side wheeler” as the river boat at Disneyland.

This map is very different from the 1955 version (link). While the 1955 version has drawings that attempt to represent the actual structures, this 1956 version is very whimsical and cartoonish.  I like them both, but the 1955 one is still my favorite, probably because its the first edition.

The back panel does have a slight change, or revision from the original (link). The red ink show an update to 600 branches and B of A is a member of the FDIC.


Anonymous said...

The crazy thing is, just how many variations of that early whimsical map there are. At first I thought they where all the same, but after looking at my Archives there is the version from the First Your Guide to Disneyland, the version in this brochure, the version on the back of the LP, the great one you posted from 68 Brochure not to long ago. And the problem is I adore them all.

Katella Gate said...

I'm wondering if that sidewheeler art was a very early concept, or even clip art, that was used.

If it's an early concept, you can see why the Mark T. was changed to a stern wheeler.. the paddle wheels would have blocked all the views. (and been very smelly churning up and spraying water.)

Katella Gate said...

Call out to Art-Types:

Is there a specific name for the style used in the first few pictures where the base line work is laid down with precision, and simple color blocks are overlaid?

It's a really common graphic device from the period, and finally got used in the background of 101 Dalmatians before it disappeared.

Mark said...

WOW- that 1956 DL park map is amazing! Another great job!


Major Pepperidge said...

I prefer this second version myself, being a "map freak"!

I forget, was the $1 money order as ornate as the one pictured here?

the Sushi Bandit said...

This is one of my 2 favorite maps in my personal collection. Thanks for posting it.. I just made it my computers background!!

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The sale price for the BOA Disneyland $1 Money Order, SN: 01502, sold on ebay on 5/16/2008, and mentioned in a link from this blog, was $306.00. Cheers.

Bill Bennett said...

I have a 1956 Bank of America - Disneyland Branch $1.00 "money order" and receipt in perfect condition. I anyone interested?

Jack Smith said...

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