Thursday, October 23, 2008

Winnie the Pooh for President Days - October 23-24, 1976

I’ve decided to officially support a candidate for president, yup, I’m for "Winnie the Pooh for President (Days)". Let’s all attend the Fun Raising Rally and Pooh-Litical Convention on October 23-24, 1976.

The Children’s Pick in ‘76” and a “Tigger-Tape Parade” how cute. I want one of those Pooh for President posters!

Here’s a Magic Kingdom Club complete ticket book from September 1976. Yes, I know, the MKC series is way overdue, it's coming soon.

The ticket book includes eleven of these Magic Key Coupons, use them wisely.

I can find eleven attractions to use my tickets, how about you? (Ok, I counted America Sings and Adventure thru Inner Space twice, each).

Dumbo loves this deal, $6.25 for a $14.90 Value.

Speaking of “Value”, did you ever bother to do the math on these? I haven’t (I do have a life) but a man in 1976 did do the math and in his opinion, the “Value” was over stated so he sued Disneyland! Progressland found this Los Angeles Times article from Sept 4, 1976 (thanks Jason!). Does anyone know what became of the law suit?


Katella Gate said...

Since the article provides the name of the Plaintiff, the Defendant, the court venue, and the date of the action, the case and its resolution should be a matter of public record.

Mike over at "Jungle is 101" is a So Cal lawyer. How about asking him about how to obtain the records?

Major Pepperidge said...

Pooh for change! Finally a candidate that makes sense.

Jason Schultz said...

VDT: Give it up! He didn't win in 1972, he ain't gonna win in 1976!

Anonymous said...

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