Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Walt Disney World - 1969 Preview

It’s time for Florida again, this time lets go way back to 1969. A Complete Edition About Walt Disney World “The Vacation Kingdom of the World”. This booklet is an extensive look at how the Disney company thought Walt Disney World would become. While a lot of these details did end up in the final version(s), several of the ideas died somewhere between this booklet and reality.

Fascinating stuff on these pages, the Western River Expedition would have been amazing from what I have read, same for Thunder Mesa.

Wow, these hotels would have been neat, that big dome at the Persian would have been something to see.

This is the last page of the text. Check out where some of the needed cash would come from “regular cash flow accruing to the corporation from its operations during the next three years”. Counting chickens before they hatch can be dangerous…. Was this the cash that would have paid for Western River Expedition & Thunder Mesa or the Hotels that never were?

The front and back covers are actually one big picture. It’s this great late 60’s style artist concept of the entire “phase one” of the new resort. Hey, is the Monorail going THRU Tomorrowland like it’s supposed to?

Come back on Bonus Sunday for the entire 20 pages of this “Edition”, it’s a great Sunday read.