Friday, September 12, 2008

Souvenir Saturday & a Trip Report

Souvenir Saturday is brought to you today courtesy of Major Pepperidge over at Gorilla’s don’t’ blog. Thanks Major!

This Grad Nite ’70 souvenir photo is interesting. The cover has cool “1970” graphics.

The photo inside however is puzzling. Did they still have this photo op in Frontierland in 1970? And if so, what is with that kid?

Trip report:

Going to Disneyland on September 11th was a little odd, but all the guests seemed to be having a grand time. The crowds were thin all day. When I arrive at the parking lot the attendant told me it would be a light day, 29 thousand expected for both parks, how do they know that?

New Guide cover, I think it’s super!

Too bad the map inside still has the old Monorail. Well, I guess the old Monorail is still clunking around the beam for a while longer.

I was greeted by these two while trying to take a photo of the flag pole. The “heads” sure look neat up close, I bet those cost some serious $$$.

The flag at half-staff with a grey overcast sky in the background, somber indeed.

This is the way I like Adventureland, where you can actually see the ground.

My favorite first stop when I arrive at the park at opening, the River Belle.

Yummy stuff. I always try and time it just right to get my pancakes fresh of the griddle.

Oh boy, the best $11 breakfast I’ve found at any Disney property.


That one raft kept circling the Island at a pretty good rate of speed, I want to do that!

I’ve seen this carriage before, what it ever used as an attraction?

This one I’m pretty sure was used as an attraction at one time. It’s great they still have these things, I would die to see all the stuff they have back stage and in storage!

Let’s talk bridge for a moment. I did a post back in July comparing one of the bridges from the hub to the Plaza gardens. Comparing it with older photos, it seems to be very original. In the previous Plaza Gardens bridge post (link) you can see the floor boards of the bridge appear to be very old and worn (millions of feet will do that).

Maybe it’s just pure coincidence or maybe the Mouse reads my blog, but that little worn bridge is now covered and under construction!

Here’s a peak behind the curtain, yup, they are replacing the floor boards!

Here’s a quick video where you can hear the saws and hammers banging. Also notice the other wooden bridge to the north of this one.

This bridge escaped my notice on my last visit, but check it out, it looks pretty worn out too. The maintenance guys better take up shop here next.

Actually, this bridge looks in worse shape than the other one.

Since I seem to be pointing out some maintenance issues, this is disturbing. This shot of the Monorail is just to give you a reference point.

I sure HOPE that’s just paint that’s cracked.

The whole beam in this spot shakes pretty good when the monorail rolls over this area. Note to self; do not eat under the beam.

Time for Lunch (yes I like to eat at Disneyland). Rancho del Zocalo is one of my favorites. I just love the food and the atmosphere. Did I mention there were no crowds?

Lots of pretty flowers.

Soft Chicken Tacos Monterey, another deal at just $12 including drink (with AP discount).

Three Fences is doing well. It could use a visit from the gardening folks pretty soon.

What in the heck is with this? Someone take that can of blue paint away from the maintenance people!

Is this a promise or a question?

Esmeralda is looking well.

Here’s the prophecies she read for me.

The Dapper Dans are singing there hearts out, boy do they sound good with that hidden sound system!

I hope you enjoyed the trip as viewed from my odd perspective. See you tomorrow on Bonus Sunday!


Katella Gate said...

I agree with the popcorn wagon, the graphics are really weak (like it's a convention rental or something), and lavender on blue is NOT a good color combination. EVER.

The Viewliner Limited said...

Fantastic pics Tim. Looks like a great time was had by all.

Major Pepperidge said...

I always love a good trip report, and this was a great one! Nice attention to detail. Jeez, look at that bridge! If they renamed it the Haunted Bridge it would at least feel "themed". GREAT to see the Surrey, though it would be even better if it was on Main Street being pulled by little horses.

Anonymous said...

They were probably trying to use up old Grad Night folders.

What’s walled off to the right of Mickey and Minnie?

Loved the pancake griddle shot. Hmmmm. Pancakes.

Loved the little movie. You know, Disneyland is really beautiful.

When I visited Disneyland this summer I ate dinner at Rancho del Zocalo. The food was good and the atmosphere was very enjoyable on a summer’s evening.

Lavender blue, silly, silly.

Westcot2000 said...

Great trip report!

Attendance projections for the parks are prepared months in advance using an old Apple II computer. The numbers are often later adjusted as the day in question gets closer to take into account recent variance trends and weather forecasts.

Staff schedulers will then add or remove shifts to meet the projection goals. Usually the numbers are pretty accurate.

My favorite quote about Light Magic (Al Lutz?) was "The float came out with a bunch of pixies that looked like they were dead but they woke up and danced...and danced...and danced...until I wished they were dead again."

Yellows said...

Popcorn, $3.50? Outrageous, especially from such a hideous wagon. It looks like the self-serve kiosk at my local post office. At least get something popping in it for that hungry sparrow sitting on the ridiculous blue rock wall!

Really, as a former vendor, I’m appalled by the poor design and lack of value in what the company is offering here. Does anybody really spend $5.50 for a “souvenir bucket”?

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Katella Gate; I knew those colors didn’t look right. While I am no fashion guru, I can tell when something clashes…

Viewliner; Thanks, it was a great day. I recommend this time of the yaer for a nice peaceful visit.

Major; I so wish the Surrey would be used again, it looks ready to go! That bridge sure is worn out for an area where I never see anyone?

Pecosdill; The walled off area near Mickey and Minnie is the spot where the Christmas Tree goes, I think they were setting up a giant latex pumpkin! The pancakes were soooo good… I’m glad you like Rancho del Zocalo too, it’s a great place!

Westcott; thanks for the explanation about attendance. Great quote, that has to be the biggest waste of a parade at Disneyland!

Yellows; I agree 100%, over priced and ridiculous looking. Hey I hadn’t notice the birdie!

Anonymous said...

The place continues to look like a junk heap. sad.