Monday, September 19, 2011

Disney World Opens - Life Magazine October 1971

**** This is a Magazine Monday "Best of" Re-broadcast in honor of Walt Disney World's up coming 40th Birthday ****

Disney World Opens from Life Magazine - October 15, 1971.

Be sure to check out the two page aerial photo. It’s taken from an odd angle and with a super wide fish-eye type lens. This place is disorienting enough for me, but the aerial photos give me weird dreams.

Now for some vintage ads: Oh boy, lets buy a Pinto? “It was alleged that the car's design allowed its fuel tank to be easily damaged in the event of a rear-end collision which sometimes resulted in deadly fires and explosions.” In reality the number of fire related deaths from those early Pintos (over 2 million built) was 27, about the same as any other car of the period. Actually, it’s kind of cute.

Now this is more my size. I once owned a 73 Lincoln Mark IV (similar underneath to this T-Bird) it had those early anti-lock brakes (Sure-Track) and they worked rather well.

Can’t ignore the GM folks, this is the last year before the ugly bumper laws made the front ends look awful!

Moving away from the ads for a moment and for the sports fans, here is a great vintage article about George Allen joining the Redskins after being with the Rams. The “RamSkins” Interesting that his Redskins would loose to Florida (that seasons' undefeated Miami Dolphins) in Superbowl VII (1973) 14 to 7.

Back for two more ads. How about a couple of vices?

Let’s start with some alcohol. Ah yes Seagram's 7 Crown, what a lively looking bunch of folks, look how neat and organized everything is. When my friends and I hang around all day and drink whisky on the rocks in tall glasses, we aren’t quite as well behaved…

***Disclaimer – Cigarettes are gross and they will kill you, don’t do it!*** That said, “The Lady has Taste” Eve cigarettes will always have and odd and disjointed place in my mind, as a 6 year old, these ads really had an profound impact on my little brain. “Smoke Pretty”, Well “Lady”, you’ll look “pretty” in that open casket!

You can read this ENTIRE issue of this Life Magazine here (link) - the link is not my scan, but very cool - I would give proper credit, but I can't read Japanese...

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Major Pepperidge said...

That Oldsmobile Cutlass is pretty cool looking. Oldsmobile, who knew.

Sorry Tim, reading that cigarette ad has made me decide to take up smoking. Let's face it, smoking is cool! ;-)

Unknown said...

This is super cool! they had one of these on display at an exhibit in the Florida historic capitol that we visited earlier this year. I could only see the cover but so wanted to open it up!!!

Thanks for the Boys Life linky, too! Always good!

Snow White Archive said...

Cool post...not only the WDW piece, but the ads with your commentary. Nice.

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