Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Magic Mountain Postcards

Taking a little trip away from Disneyland, today's we've got two old and fairly rare post cards from the early days (early 1970's) of Magic Mountain. Up first is a great shot of the Mountain Express, it more thrilling than it looks (this Schwarzkopf Wildcat went 40 mph - that's faster than Space Mountain) . I keep looking for me and my grand parents in this photo, this is exactly the way I remember it.

The Mountain Express was once considered a "Great White-Knuckler"! While this attraction was removed from Magic Mountain in the early 1980's, it survived in service until 2006! (link).

The Animal Chatter shows at Magic Mountain never did anything for me. Oddly, these ladies in their fascinating outfits did.

Want to see more Vintage Magic Mountain Postcards?

* Mini-postcard Pack - 1971

* The "Maxi-Cards" - 1971/72

* Continental Cards - 1975

* Postcard Pack - 1977

Since school is starting back up, I feel a trip to the Mountain coming very soon.


TokyoMagic! said...

What a great photo....I remember the Mountain Express, but I had forgotten about it's cool entrance and signage!

Major Pepperidge said...

Magic Mountain, as it was back in da day. I almost feel guilty about hanging around in the parking lot with my gang, ruining it for everybody else these days.

edgeboy1 said...

At least the Mountain Express sort of lives on as Wildcat at Cedar Point. Not the same ride, but the same model. So that's an option.