Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Magic Kingdom Club

Now that I’ve dusted off the Magic Kingdom Club box of goodies, it’s time to start posting some of it. Where to start? How about a decent explanation of just exactly what the Magic Kingdom Club is and what it’s all about. What better way to break down the “club” than to read from its own marketing material?

The Disney characters try to lighten up the text, but unless you read repair manuals for fun (and who doesn’t?) this still might be a bit dry. Come back tomorrow for some vintage Magic Kingdom Club goodies.


Major Pepperidge said...

"Magic Kingdom Club", yeah right! Everyone knows that it was actually a GANG.

I used to belong to the Magic Kingdom Club just so I'd get the "Disney News"!!

JG said...

We had a membership by way of my mother's volunteer position at a hospital.

The Disney news was a big deal to me, quarterly editions vs. the once-a-year trip.

Now, I visit more like every five years if lucky, but I have your blog, and the Major's among others, so that's better then.

I would just send you my old Disney News copies, except you have all the ones I have already.

Major, do you want them? It's easier for me to read them if you put them on-line.