Monday, March 29, 2010

Show Business Illustrated - October 31, 1961

Welcome to Magazine Monday. From October 31, 1961 its Show Business Illustrated. Judy Garland graces the cover.

Did you ever notice how much Judy loved those funky blazers with the weird length sleeves, here she is in a classic scene with Frank and Dean and a similar Blazer.

A super seven page article on Disneyland. No particular reason or theme for the article, just good old Disneyland promotional stuff.

Isn’t this a great photo! Anybody want that ’61 banner in the background? Does anyone actually have it?

Ice cream lady has too many hats and hand full of Vintage Disneyland Tickets!!!

Balloon hawkers flourish in Disneyland”…

Horseless horse opera”…

Mickey still looks like he is in need of some plastic surgery, he’s better than the 1955 version (the “rat” suit) but he still looks a little “off”.

Another fantastic photo, the kids are loving it!

JUDY – also got a seven page article, so for you Garland fans, here’s the whole thing.

Not too many advertisements in this magazine, this one is for the magazine itself.

Check out the small size of this tape recorder! No mention if it converts your recordings to MP3’s.


TokyoMagic! said...

Great photos. I want to ride the Pack Mules! I have my dad's mini reel to reel tape recorder, but it no longer works. :-(

outsidetheberm said...

There's some fascinating pictures in that Disneyland piece. Don't recall ever seeing the Frontierland gun fight end with the bad guy actually falling into the Rivers of America! That guy is wet!

Thanks for the look.

Major Pepperidge said...

Whoa, how did I miss this? Very cool photos; look at how low in the water that extremely full canoe is!

Daveland said...

That Astro-Jet/Rocket-Jet photo is awesome! Really captures the thrill of that ride.