Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Tokyo Disneyland Complimentary 4 Attraction Ticket Book - 1983

Time for a Tokyo Disneyland vintage ticket post.  The park opened in 1983 so this "Complimentary 4 Attractions" ticket book from 1983 is a vintage as you can get for Tokyo Disneyland.

The color of the tickets is a little drab, but the cool artwork makes up for it.

The back side of a Complementary Tokyo Disneyland ticket.

I'll be in Tomorrowland, then its off to The Mickey Mouse Revue!

Mickey is happy to present you with 4 free E tickets!

From a 2009 post (link): Here’s a beautiful Tokyo Disneyland Guide book from August 1985. This guide is done in the same style as the Anaheim Disneyland guides of the same period; it wouldn't surprise me if they were produced by the same group of people at Disney. The entire guide is below, I especially like the big map and the Tomorrowland pages.

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Major Pepperidge said...

Interesting, and cool that it is from the debut year. Weird that they didn't use golds, pinks, greens, etc like they did on the Disneyland/Disney World ticket books.

I hope I can check out that park someday!