Wednesday, January 2, 2013

**NEW POST** The Western Horseman - September 1957

Welcome to 2013!  Lets get things started with a brand new post!  Magazine Monday returns (OK, its Wednesday...)  Today's magazine is The Western Horseman from September 1957.  The super cool cover painting was done by none other than "Old-timer Ben Titsworth".

The inside cover has an advertisement for Genuine Justins Boots, that's a fine looking boot! Justins is still in business, since 1879 (Justins Boots Website).

Just to prove I did not make up "Ben Titsworth".

The Western Horseman article on Disneyland is naturally focused on Horses!

"A full time farrier is on hand", just like at my house.

Black Bart sure likes to make his appearances in early Disneyland promotional stuff, what ever happened to him? The "Rainbow Mountain Mining & Exploration Company Railroad" is that really what it was called?  Jason?  Speaking of Jason, do you suppose his database has "Charles Heumphreus" as the Farrier for 1957?

Owen Pope is most certainly in Jason's database as his name appears in Jason's latest post! (link)

That hat in mint condition today is probably worth some serious cash.

Great 1957 International Harvester pickup truck (here's one in color).  Hey, how come the word "Harvester" doesn't appear in this advertisement? Harvester IS the "H" in the logo...

Still "First Choice".

Those are some interesting styles.

More amazingly cool boots!

In case you want more "Horses and Disneyland" check out a magazine from forty years later, another great Disneyland horse article from Horse IllustratedDecember 1997 (link).


Anonymous said...

You can still buy clothes in those styles. Pendleton has jackets almost identical to that on the model in the 2012 catalog.

Ditto the shirts and string ties.

My neighbor had an I-H truck like that one in the ad. We had several I-H tractors and implements of various sizes and types on the farm, it was a huge brand.

Thanks, this was fascinating.


Jason Schultz said...

No Charles Heumphreus--until I thesaurus this article!

Have the Popes, of course. M. L. Stewart is Milton L. Stewart; he was an Opening Day employee and remained at least through November 1961.

Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, what a great and unique article! Fun ads too.