Monday, January 21, 2013

Truckin' Magazine - May 1977

Welcome to Magazine.  Let's start "Truckin" with Truckin Magazine from May 1977.

It's the Third annual "Van Happening" at Disneyland.  This somewhat light 2 page article is proof that Vans were all the rage in 1977.

Square headlights on a van, that'll never happen. The award winner's have some serious belts.

Hey, the Helm's Bakery Truck reminds me of Disneyland's Global Van Lines Truck and the Carnation Truck.

You are most certainly NOT in Kansas Toto...

SuperVan, wow how cool is that?

Let's view the trailer.

The SuperVan even made it into one of the articles.

Dodge was trying to cash in on the Van craze, wow those earth tones are something else.

In case you missed my previous "Truckin - July 1975" post, you can view it here (link).


Pegleg Pete said...

How did Supervan manage to pass me by back in 1977? As a ten-year old I would have been all over that!I'm expecting an homage from Tarantino any day now. Fortunately (or not) someone has taken the trouble to upload the entire film on youTube – there goes my afternoon (and my dignity)!

Anonymous said...

Wow, does this take me back. Thank you so much.

DO you have any pictures of the Casa De Fruta run mentioned on the cover?

That was a restaurant and fruit stand on Hwy 152 between Gilroy and the Central Valley. We stopped there off and on. I would love to see pics of that place in the '70's.

It is still operating judging by advertising, but I havent been by in 20 years.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of Van Clubs, here's a recollection of them from a former Cast Member...

Anonymous said...

There is another Disneyland Resort connection to the Helms Bakery truck. The first time I saw the churro cart at the end of Buena Vista Street across from Carthay Circle (toward Condor Flats), I got a strong sense of nostalgia. It didn't take me long to figure out that the churro cart's colors, emblems, etc., are modeled after the old Helms trucks. Take a look next time you are out there and I am confident you will also notice the resemblence.

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