Monday, January 28, 2013

Holiday Magazine - October 1965

Welcome to Magazine Monday.  Today we've got a nice treat, I love these large format vintage magazines, the advertisements alone are amazing (as you'll see). This "Holiday" Magazine from October 1965 has an excellent Disneyland article written by science fiction author Ray Bradbury.  

If you like this issue, be sure and check out my previous post of the July 1963 Holiday Magazine (link), its "Dazzled in Disneyland" article is, well, interesting.

Let me know if there's something of interest to you.

I've posted over 100 Disneyland magazine articles and this Ray Bradbury article is not like any of them. Maybe it was his special relationship with Walt?  Until recently I didn't know Ray and Walt knew each other. While preparing for next weeks Magazine Monday, I found this (link) article from Ray in the 2005 special commemorative edition of Daily Variety. Come back next week for the full issue, its got some great photos and articles.

I'm curious on readers thoughts regarding this article so please feel free to post a comment.

This advertisement was between pages 102 and 104 so I left it in place for a truer blog experience.

It's as if the Holiday Magazine editors knew their Disneyland article lacked a bit in the photographic department so they followed up the article with this too cool for words two page Pendleton advertisement shot entirely at Disneyland!

If I could find dads sport jacket I would be the talk of the park on Dapper Day! Wow, check out the Disneyland bag and wall map... Those smiles are infectious.

I hope you are ready for some vintage advertisements to brighten up your Monday, here they come.

How about some interiors circa 1965...

Back when the phone company did everything for you, and charged you for it.

Yummy Swift meat!

"Give me a Tab" - "I can't give you a tab unless you order something"...  "Give me a Pepsi Free" - "You want a Pepsi pal, you're gonna pay for it"...

Naturally there are some alcohol advertisements, boy are they classy.

Where there's booze there's cigarettes.  Long time readers know I don't smoke and I don't like the cancer sticks, you're nuts if you smoke those coffin nails.  That said this dude sure looks cool with his leopard skin holster for his Pall Mall's.

Big old jet airliners!

Win a 1966 Mustang!  Do you think we can still enter the contest??


Debbie V. said...

You had me at the turntable.

Great article. Many interesting quote including:
"Disneyland causes you to care all over again". Yes, I'd say that's one of the great feelings I have when I go there.

Ads - yes thank you - like a window to the past.

JennyJ said...

The last handfuls of paragraphs were he sums everything up....YEP! I understand.
Perhaps if Walt was around many years longer, would we have seen more of what Mr. Bradbury writes? Interesting indeed.
THANKS for the good read today.

Major Pepperidge said...

Wonderful magazine, and it is interesting to read Ray Bradbury's distinctive writing style. Tim, check out my Calico photos today, a woman in one of my pix has to be wearing a Pendleton coat that is the same style as in your ad! What a weird coincidence!

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