Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Hail 1964

******* Originally posted January 1, 2009 *******

Welcome to the New Year, the New Year of 1964! WHOOPEE!!!

Check out the list of stuff for the event, how can you go wrong? A New Year's Hootenanny, Jason too bad we missed this one! Funtasic artwork!

Here's a fun promotional photo of the Hail 1964 event from the super new blog "Disney on Parole".

The cover to the Winter/Spring 1964 Vacationland.

Disneyland USA - Dedicated to Delight! I like the black boarder effect on the photos...

Come back this Bonus Sunday for the entire Vacationland magazine. (its below)

Here is the complete Winter/Spring 1964 Vacationland.

Vacationland Winter/Spring 1964 – 56.5mb

The Majestic Matterhorn. This article is a little hard to read due the drawing of the Matterhorn encroaching on the text… The Full PDF above might be easier to read.

The centerfold “Highlights”.


Debbie V. said...

That cover photo of the castle and the Matterhorn is beautiful - just like I remember :) In Sept 1964 I started high school at La Mirada High.
Looking forward to following your blog again this year - Happy 2013~

Major Pepperidge said...

The cartoon couple on the "Gala New Year's Eve Party" item is fun, I like how they shaded the woman's nose. Is she cold... or maybe she had a little bit to drink!