Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Musical Tour of Disneyland on 45 rpm records - 1956

Are you ready for some super audio souvenirs? After I posted “A Musical Tour of Main Street U.S.A. – 1956” last week (link) a loyal and dedicated blog reader sent in the scans and music for all five records in the series! Since I only have the one “Main Street” 45 this came a quite a treat.

Up First, Fantasyland! Neat map/poster on the left, those only lasted the first couple years.

Download here: Fantasyland Musical Tour MP3 – 8MB

Frontierland showing the original “four window” Gullywhumper Keel Boat.

Download here: Frontierland Musical Tour MP3 – 6MB

Adventureland showing the backside of a Jungle Boat!

Download here: Adventureland Musical Tour MP3 – 7MB

Tomorrowland with another one of the map/posters showing detail of the land ahead.

Download here: Tomorrowland Musical Tour MP3 – 6MB

Here’s Main Street again with a clean copy of the record below.

Download here: Main Street Musical Tour MP3 – 6MB

All the back covers are the same, with artwork this nice why not! A huge thanks to the loyal ready who sent these into the blog, a case of bananas is on its way.


Major Pepperidge said...

I love this set and the recordings; one thing that always amused me is that Walt sounds like he recorded his narration in a bathroom. It's a little bit distant and echo-y (just a little!). You'd think they could have miked him better.

JennyJ said...

Loved listening today. THANKS

PsySocDisney said...

Awesome!! Thanks, now I have some great listening to get me through my end of the year paper writing :) Love it.

Anonymous said...

CD release at 320 kbps:

your blog rules the world

Anonymous said...

You may know that those recordings are available as a cd released some years ago, with great sound quality!

JG said...

Very Cool, thank you.