Wednesday, November 2, 2011

May 1967 "E" Ticket

Today we’ve got one of my favorite Vintage Disneyland Tickets. I posted this one a few years ago, but I like it so much I’ve re-scanned it in HD and we can all gaze at it again. This Child “E” Ticket is from May 1967 and is printed on the rare “Star and Castle” safety paper.

This “E” Ticket is significant as it’s the first to feature a new realm; New Orleans Square and the very recently open Pirates of the Caribbean. With the exception of the Pack Mules, all of these attractions are still in operation at Disneyland today!


Thufer said...

Oh my, such memories.
I just wanted to thank you for your site. I seldom comment but I do read it every day. Please continue your good and welcome efforts of keeping this really neat part of park history alive.

-The Golden E Ticket- just lovely.

Major Pepperidge said...

I am kind of surprised that the Pack Mules were an E-ticket; but then again, those hay-burners cost a lot to care for.

"Star and Castle" paper, yeah!

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hi Thufer, thanks for the nice words, I got lots more to post still, just tough keeping it organized. It is a lovely Golden "E" Ticket huh?

Hey Major, interestingly the Pack Mules stayed on the "E" ticket to the very end in 1973 (link)!

Mark said...

Thanks, Tim, for this post! It was cool to see but also a reminder that DL does have soem great attractions that have stood the test of time. Our recent visit (and trip report posted Nov 2) was a great day at the parks. I think DCA has wonderful potential, but I am still surprised by the lack of enhancements to their E ticket attractions. Thank God, DL keeps theirs up to shape! And I was very sorry to hit the park with a first ever Disney park visitor while Pirates was closed. No matter, we got to most of the E's you mentioned today. Thanks again for a great site!

Bon said...

There were NEVER enough E tickets! EVER.

As kids, none of us were interested in the A or B rides, those were for "old people."

We used to keep unused tickets in a drawer at home (mostly As and Bs, NEVER D or E) to give to visiting relatives as a way to get rid of them. Wonder if they're still there...