Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Rolling Stone Magazine - September 25, 1975

Welcome to Magazine Monday on Wednesday. Today we’ve some mid-seventies, well, whatever it is… From September 25, 1975 its Rolling Stone Magazine, the Eagles on the cover must have objected to shirts and haircuts, Don Henley looks like a poodle.

Ralph Steadman interprets Disneyland in this odd 2 page “article”. Ralph is still doing his artwork and has his own website here (link).

Zooming in on the upper left we find some deranged Disneyland Characters.

Seriously, I don’t get this at all… Ralph is British so maybe I just don’t get the humor from across the pond?

To me Monstro really does appear to be eating the guests so I get this one.

These last two drawings are not from this magazine, I found them on the Internet but they do seem to be from about the same time period. From what I can tell he wants a beer!

Interesting mix of backgrounds, nice touch with the Disneyland bag on the wheelchair.

Here’s a super article comparing laser video discs and CED video discs, clearly a laser was a better technology than using a disc similar to a vinyl LP, complete with grooves and skips. I have both vintage systems and while the laser is obviously superior, the CED system has its own charms (see the TRON CED Disc on my prior post here – link).

The Eagles were about to become ultra-popular and Rolling Stone magazine knew it.

Who else remembers the Bay City Rollers? I remember two things; these ridiculous outfits (link) and this ridiculous song (link) yes I know the words by heart, don't ask.

Fleetwood Mack, realigned and about to become super stars.

Aerosmith too was on the verge of becoming huge.

Who is this Bruce guy? I wonder if he ever had any hits?

How about a few advertisements? This front loading Pioneer Cassette deck with Dolby, was state of the art in 1975. Cassettes still were behind 8 tracks in popularity in 1975 - that would change in a few years.

Speaking of 8-Tracks, here’s Billy Preston telling us how good the Craig Powerplay car stereo is, also available in cassette.

He smokes for pleasure and to get sweaty? Smoking is bad, don’t do it, its gross. And if you do you might wake up one day looking like this guy and be forced to wear those pants with that belt and that necklace!


The Viewliner Limited said...

Happy Thanksgiving and Happy Holidays Tim!

Anonymous said...

Ha, I'm in behind Viewliner for everybody today.

Anyway Happy Thanksgiving.


That guy in the last pic is probably on an air hose today, hacking up what remains of his lung. Camels...seriously bad stuff.

Connie Moreno said...

OMG, what a fun look back!!

TokyoMagic! said...

That guy in the cigarette ad looks like Mark Spitz, but I guess a lot of guys had that same look back then.

I don't think I was aware of any kind of home video systems until the early eighties. As a kid, even the line in the Carousel of Progress about "now we can record our favorite shows for viewing at a more convenient hour" went right past me.

Thanks for posting this.....I just love the seventies!

Major Pepperidge said...

I love cigarettes and wish that everyone smoked all the time, especially in nice restaurants and hospitals. That fresh smoke aroma can't be beat, and if you add menthol - heaven! Plus you look cool smoking, cooler than anybody who *doesn't* smoke, everyone knows that. Now I'm going to smoke two cigarettes at once.

JG said...

Looking at that cover shot again, they all look so dirty. Dreck.


Anonymous said...

I do get the drawing with the kids and the costumed characters.It reminds me of what Robin Williams said when he took his then young son to Disneyland for the first time.To his son "Mickey Mouse is a six foot (expletive deleted)rat."