Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Magic Kingdom Club Ticket Book - October 1961

Let's roll back the clock 50 years and take a close-up look at a Disneyland Magic Kingdom Club ticket book from October 1961. This ticket book is complete and unused and in amazing condition for being 50 years old, the cloth and its adhesive on the binder are still soft and pliable. Even Disneyland's ticket books were first class!

Magic Kingdom Club members got great discounts. The "off season" Magic Kingdom Club ticket books were different than the "summer season" books. The Summer season had 2 extra tickets (usually 1 "D" and 1 "E") making a total of 12, for the price of 10. The "off season" club ticket books (like today's example) only had 10 tickets but each one is magic, a "Magic Key Coupon" good for admission to any ride or attraction in Disneyland making all 10 tickets potential "E" tickets!

Sharp eyes will notice the Magic Key ticket is not from the book in this post (I think its from 1960, but basically the same as 1961) I'm dedicated, but I'm not tearing a ticket out of this book!

Classic Disneyland is represented here in this attraction list. The Flying Saucers must be the newest attraction at the time.

$3.75 for admission to Disneyland and 10 "E" tickets, sounds like a bargain even in 1961 money.


Connie Moreno said...

Fond memories!!! I remember too, how excited I was when I found out that I could join the Magic Kingdom Club once I started working for the school district.

Major Pepperidge said...

Whoa, nice... ticket books are always better with the admission intact. 1961, that's an early one!

JG said...

I remember my Dad getting ready for one of our family trips about this era, he was counting cash out for his wallet.

I asked how much the trip would cost. (We usually stayed two nights in a motel and went in the park one day).

He said he was planning on about $100.00 for the three of us. Gas, meals, lodging, admission and souvenirs....for a hundred bucks...

Not sure how real that was, the memory is close to 50 years old, but I recall the conversation distinctly, because $100.00 sounded like a fortune to me and I thought we were rich. Maybe we were, then, but it didn't last.


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