Thursday, September 30, 2010

Walt Disney Word Tickets - September 1972

While rummaging through the Walt Disney Word ticket bucket for yesterday’s post I noticed this cool WDW Transportation Ticket and figured why not share it? Monorail, Boat or Motor Tram – isn’t the choice obvious?

It’s still amazing to me that Florida’s Monorail doesn’t actually enter the park! The WDW Monorail isn’t on the E ticket as at Disneyland, it’s on the “Transportation Ticket” found on the front of the ticket book. This September 1972 ticket book is the larger style book, pretty much the size of money!

The blue welcome sheet welcomes you to the “Vacation Kingdom”. Those fancy letters on the tickets are your clue that this isn’t Disneyland! Yes the Main Gate admission ticket is missing (don’t ya hate that?). Complete WDW ticket books from 1971/72 are very rare.

The attraction lineup seems small compare to Disneyland of 1972, but they are BIG attractions. Too bad I never saw the Mickey Mouse Revue, somehow I think I would have been totally obsessed with it had I experienced it.

Sharp eyes will notice the “C” and “A” tickets are from another ticket book, but they are from 1972.

This "12 Adventures" book was the larger book, with 7 or 8 tickets in the small book. State tax, estimate price, actual price, value, boy that’s a lot of numbers!


Major Pepperidge said...

Wow, amazing. I am not really a WDW collector (having never been to the place), but I would love to have a complete early ticket book like this.

Mark Taft said...

Love these WDW posts. As a DL local, it just whet the appetite for my visits to WDW. Do I love DL and sort of appreciate DCA? Yes.
But I'd trade it for all of WDW in a heartbeat!


JLaFunk said...

So cool to see.
I'm a native of San Diego, CA and born in 1972. Very cool to see the WDW tickets.
My first trip was in 2010 and I have been back twice so my experience with these tickets are isolated to DL only. (And, my mom still has a few DL booklets).
Thanks for sharing!