Friday, September 24, 2010

Family Fun Party at Disneyland - September 24, 1970

Forty year ago today it was the 3rd annual Southland Hospitals Family Fun Party at Disneyland - September 24, 1970. 10am to 11pm - wow 13 hours of unlimited use of all attractions including the "Breathtaking Haunted Mansion" and free parking all for $4.25!

From my private vault, this is one of my favorite Vacationland magazines. From the Fall of 1970. I suppose I can identify with the kids on the cover being about their age in 1970. Even though the cover shot is most likely staged, it captures something unique to that time period that you really just had to be there to understand.

Speaking of capturing the mood of 1970, this art style really does it - boy do I like it! It's a good article too.

Life before Photoshop was good.

Sugar never looked so sweet. Great Disneyland Castle drawing on the sugar packed, I gotta get one those!

Come back tomorrow for this entire issue and come back Sunday for the Spring 1959 Vacationland, its a Bonus Weekend!


TokyoMagic! said...

I've had the issue of Disney News magazine with the exact same cover ever since 1970 and I know exactly what you mean about it capturing something. Although, I don't ever remember seeing those red mouse ears in the park. I do still have my black mouse ears from around this time period....and my Donald Duck hat with the "squeaky" bill!

Connie Moreno said...

I don't remember red mouse ears either...but then I was into the sailor hats they used to sell. I wish I had one of those sugar packets!

JG said...

I too have had that edition. I hope i still do, but no idea where.

I also remember my red ears. I think those are gone. I had a black pair too. I seem to remember that red was only available in the smallest of small sizes and that the black pair came as I got older.

Thank you for this, what a pleasant shock to see that old cover again.

I have to go, I have something in my eye.


Major Pepperidge said...

Mickey says turn your head and cough.

Lots of parks had a glass shop with somebody making lampwork items at the torch... as a kid I could just stand there and watch them. I still want to be able to do it!

I'll have to check through your blog, but I am wondering... do the C&H sugar ads use the same photo over and over? Or are there variations?

DizWiz said...

That is a FANTASTIC picture on the cover of Vacationland magazine. You would never see something like that today. I love the candid-ness of the photo, although it probably was staged, as you mention.