Friday, September 3, 2010

Disneyland Brochure Comparison - 1968 & 1970

Time for another fun Brochure comparison. Today’s very similar brochures are just a few years apart so spotting the differences is a challenge. What’s even more fun is the first brochure, the “pink” version, is not dated! It must be from at least 1967, but could be as late summer 1969. There is no Haunted Mansion noted, I do see a “Gun Collection” in Frontierland and the C & H Sugar Corner on Main Street. I would guess it’s from 1968.

This “green” version is from December 1970. You’ll notice on the map that the guest marked the attractions they visited – they missed some good ones!

And in case you missed my post from July 2008 (link) here’s a re-broadcast of two more similar brochures, the “blue1976 version and the “brown1979 version.

From June 1976, it’s the “blue” version. I noticed the Mine Train ride making one of its last appearances…

From February 1979, it’s the “brown” version. A neat Space Mountain promo. No Big Thunder Mountain yet, its got about 7 months till its ready. Hey, the map drawing has the old Mine Train still!

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Major Pepperidge said...

These are great, I don't have any of 'em! It's fun to compare the details, just like the various INA brochures.