Friday, September 10, 2010

America on Parade - Grand Finale - September 12, 1976

Sometimes even good things must come to an end… Disneyland is no exception as America on Parade floated through its Grand Finale on September 12, 1976. Hey, I really like that Castle drawing with the fireworks, wow! The wavy flag is pretty cool too.

Opening up the flyer we find these details; The Grand Finale included “the music of massed bands and choirs in Town Square and Central Plaza”. I wonder what the official Bicentennial flag looked like (one of these?) and where did it end up?

For being 34 years old this sticker looks, feels and smells like new. Yes it still has that waxy sticker smell.


Major Pepperidge said...

Graphic designers must have loved the Bicentennial! That flyer does look extra nice. And it is cool that it is for the Grand Finale, there can't be too many of those out there!

JG said...

I remember that last design very clearly, they used it in several places, t-shirts etc.

Thanks for the memory.


TokyoMagic! said...

Yay, more America on Parade. I keep saying it, but it's's one of my favorite DL parades ever!

I love those thick vinyl stickers of the seventies. I bought all of the character ones during various trips to the park, but never got the America On Parade one. Time to go looking on ebay, I guess!

Kevin Kidney said...

I really like the flyer, too. Very nifty. What impressed me most is seeing the word "Disneyland's". When we do marketing or merchandise bottomstamps for DL today, we are forbidden to write Disneyland in this possessive form. If this flyer were printed today, DL Legal would prefer the phrase: "America on Parade at Disneyland® Park." Blah.

That said, I love how the reverse side of the flyer uses "Disneyand's" all on its own, without being followed by "AOP". It's just hanging there by itself! DL Legal would have a coronary over that! :-)

Connie Moreno said...

I loved the "logo" for the bicentennial at Disneyland. That's one of the areas I focus on in my collecting. Plus, that's the year my son was born so it has double importance to me.