Monday, February 25, 2013

TV Radio Mirror - April 1956

Welcome to Magazine Monday. Today we've got another (yes another) exciting issue of "TV Radio Mirror" from April 1956.  In case you missed my previous TV Radio Mirror - December 1954 post you can view it here (link). 

Not to be confused with "TV-Radio Life - March 1955" (link) or Radio and Television News - August 1956 (link) or June 1958 (link) this issue has the stunning (or stunned?) Loretta Young on its cover. She's also looking stunning on the cover of the TV Guide from the first week of January 1955 (link). 

The index section for those who need to know.

There's a nice (yet colorless) four page Disneyland article featuring Spring Byington and Bobby Diamond. I've never heard of either one of them.

Google-Wiki tells me Spring was a veteran stage and movie actress and "In 1952, she joined CBS Radio to become the lead role of the widowed Lily Ruskin in the sitcom December Bride. In 1954, Desilu Productions produced a pilot of the show for a television sitcom, also starring Byington. The pilot was successful and the new hit sitcom aired in its first two seasons immediately following I Love Lucy. December Bride broadcast 111 episodes through 1959." (link).  And Bobby Diamond  was featured with Peter Graves in "Fury" (link) I've never heard of that either!

She's a dead ringer for Ms. Garrett!

What's new from Coast to Coast.

Radio Guide?

Now for some vintage advertisements. I don't know about you but I always get my shampoo in a can...


This is clearly a magazine slanted towards women.

This Lucky Strike advertisement is weird. Let's set a side the fact that the American Tobacco Company is selling cancer sticks. Is this a couple or a Dad and his daughter? Is she playing golf too or just cleaning his balls (Golf balls!).

Mr. Golfer-Smoker is going to need come Colgate Dental Cream for those yellow teeth!

Prell and Head & Shoulder's were the two top selling shampoo's until the mid 1970's.

Family time...


Major Pepperidge said...

Neat, another article I have never seen, and with lots of great pictures too.

As always, I love the old ads!

210Frwy said...

Really enjoyed this. I’m sure Spring Byington was a nice person but she would not be my first choice to accompany me for a day at Disneyland. Looks like that Peter Pan Galleon is not attached to anything. It was probably sitting out back somewhere.

Anonymous said...

I see it was delivered to an address in Cleveland. It is in Lakewood now, a suburb, and is in an attractive neighborhood. I wonder if they still live there? to go to Google maps street view.

Thanks for posting.

Carole Davis said...

Spring Byington was in a TV show
December Bride. I watched sometimes.

I liked her.

Thanks for the memories.

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