Friday, February 22, 2013

Undated Skyway Slides

A few more "undated" Disneyland slides today.  First two are the wonderful Skyway!

Blue bucket - check, Blue PeopleMover car - check, Plenty of Signage - check!

So this is not the Skyway, but its from the same lot, any luck on a date for these??


Bearride - Raymond said...

I would say that these shot are before 1970. Richfield ended sponsorship of Autopia at that time. :)

Ben Myers said...

1965 - Skyway Buckets are replaced with Square models.

May 28, 1966 - 'It's A Small World' opens at Disneyland.

May 1967 - Richfield debuts its new "Imperial Boron" gasoline.

1970 - Richfield ends sponsorship of the Autopia.

So they have to date somewhere between 67-69.