Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Why children love Sears & Disneyland - 1962

Why children love Sears - and Sears loves children. This disembodied advertisement is from an unknown magazine and it not dated. The 1962 Rambler ad on the back of one of the pages does give a clue that its from 1961 or 1962.

This Sears exclusive Disneyland layout cost only $9.98. Yes it's woefully out of scale and not even that accurate, but its cool and I would have played it to death. All the clothes pictured are also from Sears.

Excellent Pepsi Cola ad.

That red Rambler wagon is cute! Neato Lounge-tilt seats!


MintCrocodile said...

When I first saw the toy model of Disneyland exclusively for Sears, it reminded me more of the now defunct Japanese theme park Nara Dreamland

Katella Gate said...

LOL @ Mint Crocodile... how true. The Disneyland toy model was certainly withdrawn by 1965. I wonder why? $10 is pricey for the day, but not out of line.

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