Monday, October 18, 2010

Dynamite goes to Disney World - August 1975

Welcome to Magazine Monday – Walt Disney World Edition. Who else vividly recall’s Scholastic’s Dynamite Magazine? To me this was the only decent publication from Scholastic’s wide range of snooze-control choices. Dynamite was published from 1974 thru 1992, this early issue from August 1975 is #14.

Let me know if you seeing anything interesting that I didn’t include in this post.

Considering that Dynamite Magazine generally had a artsy-funky-crunchy-granola mood mixed with innocent (not so funny) humor, this four page Disney World article is pretty good.

This style of “art” for kids always struck me as odd, even as a kid. It’s as if the adults assumed the kids were on acid. Where’s the Green Meanie?

The only thing that seems accurate about this survey is that Skippy is on the bottom of the list, JIF of course should be #1

Whoa more Licorice Pizza artwork, I’m getting a weird mid-70’s groove on.

What in the world is going on here? Count Chocula meets Wolf Man Jack! This explains all those weird dreams I had in the 5th grade.


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What a blast from the past - I used to LOVE Dynamite - especially that technicolor 70's-style header.