Monday, March 14, 2011

People Magazine - March 10, 1980

Welcome to Magazine Monday. Britt Ekland graces the cover this March 10, 1980 edition of People Magazine.

This four page Disneyland article is in celebration of the park’s 25th anniversary. Since its People magazine they chose to highlight celebrity “People” at Disneyland over the past 25 years. Hey there’s Sophia Loren again (link).

I wonder if Jack Benny used the free tickets Walt gave him (link).

Anwar Sadat, Ernie Kovacs, Johnny Cash, Sir Lawrence Olivier – who hasn’t been to Disneyland?

Nixon’s, Osmond’s and Groucho Marx!

Two men, Different as they could be… One, losing hope. The other, helping him find it again”. Wow this looks awful.

Who is this Larry King guy? I bet he can’t hold a steady job.

John Lennon just months before his tragic death.

Now for some advertisements. It’s hard to believe this was 31 years ago! Film, what’s that for?

Margarine you squeeze – it must be Parkay.

Automobiles were in a “transition “ in 1980. While I do like Oldsmobile’s, I happen to know firsthand these particular models were trouble prone and they're dreaming with those mileage estimates!

Ford was still stamping out Granada’s in 1980, this was the last year of the first generation Granada’s, which were pretty much a 1960 falcon underneath.

Oh what a feeling” – Toyota couldn’t build these cute little cars fast enough. I like how the ad copy talks about the restyled front end yet doesn’t bother to show it to us?

Poor Dodge, even though Chrysler was bailed out by the US Government in late 1979 to the tune of 1.5 billion dollars in loan guarantees, they still had cars like this in the pipeline. While it actually looks kind of cool it is in reality a total pile of junk. I remember seeing these on Dodge lots in 1981 - acres of them, dusty and unwanted.

Remember when TV's had a picture tube and came enclosed in fine furniture?

Back when phones had cords and you could rent them from the phone company.

This “early” Early Pregnancy Test seems rather complex and scientific, that or it’s a mini meth lab?


TokyoMagic! said...

What a great little trip back in time. Was 1980 really 31 whole years ago??? How did that happen? Thanks for posting this!

Katella Gate said...

My goodness, time flies. I really enjoyed the celeb shots from Disneyland from back in the day when they could leave the house without an entourage.

The car ads were especially fun. My best friend in High School's dad had a Celica and exactly that color. We spent a lot of time in that car driving into the mountains and camping. The only thing missing is "Baker Street" for a sound track.

1980 was also the year I got promoted to management on the Queen Mary. There was a slightly used Oldsmobile for sale, so I swapped my Mustang II out for it and made far too many people jealous. LOL... should have waited on that one.

"Amber Waves"... I remember watching that one but for the life of me I can't recall a thing. Perfect TV.

Speaking of TV, we also had a big set in a big piece of furniture. It was from Ethan Allan in their best "Betsy Ross" style: Dark pine and shaped like a dry sink. After the TV went out, we'd just put small TV's in the hole for replacements. It was big and hulking, but I miss watching "Search" on it.

Major Pepperidge said...

People Magazine, the one I read at the barber shop and the dentist, and NOWHERE ELSE!

Love the E.P.T. ad... no matter what the results, the women are always happy.

Melanie said...

The EPT ad killed me - 9 days after and wait two hours! Holy cheese no one would stand for that state of the art test today!

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