Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Disneyland in Slides - August1960 - Part 2

The second half of this August 1960 batch of slides is not a nice as the first half, but I scanned um and your here reading this so lets go ahead and take a look. A nice blurry and random shot of the Train Station. Does the red, white and blue bunting mean this might be on or near July 4th?

The guests look happy enough, but I bet its hot as heck!

More patriotic bunting on the Mark Twain.

Ladies in dresses and men wearing hats, 52 years and a few worlds ago...

Last up a somewhat washed out shot of the original Tomorrrowland. Girl on the left appears to be eating something (candy?) out of a box. Stroller alert!

Come back tomorrow for a few slides that are even a bit older than these.