Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cosmonauts meet Mickey Mouse at Disneyland - October 1970

In this October 1970 press photo Buzz Aldrin is escorted by touring Russian Cosmonauts as they meet Mickey Mouse and Disneyland Ambassador Kathy Burke. The Cosmonaut to the right of buzz has what looks like a huge camera in is hand, it must be Russian!

Sign for a Disneyland “Moon Ride” is in background. I’m going to have to assume that modern red inkjet style number printed on the back was part of a newer cataloging system, otherwise this is a very elaborate forgery.

Here’s a rare photo of the tragic day the Junior Monorail flew off the track at Disneyland. This is one of the lesser discussed Disneyland accidents, in fact I bet you’ve never even heard of it huh?

Clearly marked Disneyland, this is obviously NOT Disneyland. I wonder if that missing label held a clue about this photo. Does anyone know where this is, lots kind of like Nara Dreamland ? Was anyone hurt?


MintCrocodile said...

Good ol' Google. In about 5 minutes of checking Google, I was able to find info about the "Junior Monorail".

The monorail accident took place in San Antonia, Texas on Sept 15 1968 at the HemisFair '68

Check out the few color pictures of the accident on Flikr courtesy of Bob Weston

Connie Moreno said...

Holy crap, my heart shot up to my throat and got stuck there! Thank goodness that didn't happen at Disneyland - how awful!

Katella Gate said...

It's the North Haverbrook accident.

It happened because there was no contractual obligation on the part of the builders to deliver vehicles that could actually go around corners.

The photos were deliberately mislabeled as part of the cover-up.

TokyoMagic! said...

Katella, maybe the accident was caused by that family of possums that was living in the Junior Monorail's electrical panel. (They named the big one "Bitey.")

Major Pepperidge said...

Can you imagine having to be Mickey Mouse as an astronaut? Your head is in the Mickey Costume AND a clear plastic space helmet. *Gasp.... air!*


Ouch!! That Hemisfair '68 Monorail was made by UNIVERSAL DESIGN LIMITED of New Jersey and was sold as their MINI-MONORAIL they claimed "It is certain to be one of the hoghlights of Hemisfair 1968"

JG said...

Major, I'm gasping for breath at mere thought of being in a Mickey Head in this Helmet.

An awful fate.