Monday, March 7, 2011

Motion Picture Magazine - October 1961

Welcome to Magazine Monday. From October 1961 its Motion Picture Magazine. This magazine has a fun Disneyland article and some pretty interesting celebrity stories. The Pat Boone article was kind of boring so we’ll skip it. That’s little Debby Boone on the far right, way before she lit up anyone’s life.

The Beach Nuts Invade Disneyland! That's right, Connie Stevens and her “rip-snorting bunch of uninhibited Beach Nuts” invade Disneyland and it will never be the same!

Here’s each page separately.

Where is the Mine Train Parked? It looks like a maintenance area or was this part of the attraction?

Those wacky Beach Nuts will do anything for a gag.

Alice looks like the waitress at my local deli? These are some great photos aren’t they?

When I first saw this article I was going to make a joke about May Britt looking like Jodie Foster, but what I find disturbing is the articles reference to her “alabaster skin” – it’s hard to believe they wrote that.

A truly fascinating look at Marilyn Monroe just 10 months before her untimely death. You can find the second page here (link) and the third page here (link).

The last page of the Marilyn Monroe article lists the 27 times in 9 years that Marilyn suffered illness or injury. Judging by this article I'd say her death wasn't untimely at all…

Those blondes are talking about Rock again – I bet he’s thrilled.

There’s only a few full page color advertisement in this issue so they’ll just be sprinkled here and there. Speaking of blondes!

He still looks like this today.

Liz and Eddie are Diplomats Hollywood Style. If you’re a Liz & Eddie fan there are ton of photos here.

This ad is interesting, I guess you’re just supposed to know that's Sal Mineo so they didn’t bother to mention his name. Also I included the left edge of the magazine that is normally hidden by the binder. Of all the magazines I’ve scanned this is the only one to have markings indicating what the magazine is.


Major Pepperidge said...

Those wacky, wacky Beach Nuts! One of them is Doug McClure, where is his more famous brother Troy? Neat shot of the Mine Train, wherever that is. Later that day, three of the Beach Nuts were arrested for beating and kicking guests (the others laughed and cheered them on).

I've never understood why newspapers and magazines think we care to see photos of babies of famous people. "Yup, that's a baby alright".

Poor Marilyn, I could have saved her! Of course I wasn't born yet, which would have complicated things a little.

Thanks for the great magazine scans, as always.

Katella Gate said...

Major: I don't get the whole celeb baby thing either, but it sure did work for a certain Lucy and Desi A.

Anonymous said...

You know, something changed in Disneyland right around October 1961 and now I know why. It was those zany Beach Nuts. Their “beach picnics” and so-called “wing-dings” weren’t enough. No. They had to invade Disneyland. And then (if this article can be believed, I have no reason to doubt it) they planned on coming back the next day! Dang Beach Nuts!! Thanks for posting this important missing piece of Disneyland history.

Anonymous said...

Funny thing is, I bet the Beach Nuts were bored stiff walking from photo session to photo session.

Barry said...

There is on the very top in miniscule print Sal Mineo's name and current movie. I would think he was well known at the time...enough so no name would be necessary. He was at the peak of his much too short career then.

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