Friday, January 21, 2011

Disneyland Pumbaa Parking Lot

This parking lot ticket is from that sad period when Disneyland was transforming its former parking lot in the Second Gate.

Is that the strawberry field?

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TokyoMagic! said...

I think that was where the Grand Hotel used to stand....just beyond where the miniature golf course was located at Freedman and Harbor and just across from what used to be Melodyland.

I liked both "The Anaheim Resort" and "The Disneyland Resort" better before the second gate came along. California Adventure ruined everything! That's my belief and I'm sticking to it.

Hope you're feeling better today!

Anonymous said...

That artwork is swap-meet awful!!

Katella Gate said...

@Tokyo, I don't so much have a gripe with DCA as a mood-killer as I do with DownTown Disney. The resort needed extra capacity, and expanding Disneyland was out of the question so you get a second gate.

The last straw was DCA. Shopping! Shopping! Shopping! ... and all the same, lame, tame stuff. If Disneyland is not a museum, neither is it a mall.

@Anonymous, the art could be improved if they had selected a different pose of Pumbaa. Right now, the facial expression says "evil scheming" which is pretty far out of character. If they had selected "Who? Me?" that would have been in character with the benefit of Pumbaa looking out of the frame and directly at the card holder.

JG said...

Hey VDT, I agree with Tokyo Magic, this location is the old Grand Hotel or close to it. Fun Post, thank you.

The strawberry farm was just north of the Disneyland Hotel, might have been a lot or two between. We were sad to see him go. Always hard to see another Farmer go down, still it seems clear that they scored big at the end.

Sorry, but Pumbaa and his odious sidekick were some of my least favorite characters. I hated that movie, probably because it played continuously for what seemed like years in my house, and Shakespeare did the story better.

The London stage play was pretty awesome though, far better than the movie.

I am gratified that Disney has not found any more permanent homes for any of these characters in the park.

Yes, I'm a grouch, somebody has to be.


Kevin Kidney said...

Regarding this subject, I am a grouch, too.
The strawberry farm was recently christened "Toy Story Lot" by Disney. It's sad to see the last fragile bits of Anaheim's history lost beneath a slab of asphalt.