Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bonus Sunday

Welcome to Bonus Sunday, from Thursdays post here is the entire issue of Vacationland from the Fall of 1963.

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****** Vacationland Fall 1963 - 94mb *******

There are some great articles in this vintage issue.

Boy does this place look like it was neat.

Always nice to see a "new to me" Walt photo. (I want that flag)

I've got all of these except the "Stereo Showcase" reel!


keeline said...

Those kind of flags show up on eBay on occasion. I prefer the ones that are more Disneyland specific. These flew over the Main Street train station, over Walt's apartment above the Fire Station, and a longer flag over the Mark Twain. I think some version of them is used today.

There were also some garden flag quality flags offered around 2005 for the 50th of the Mickey and the "D" flag both in this general shape. They are the thinner nylon that you associate with garden and house flags. The old ones are thick and have a cotton-like material that is built up in layers with the different pieces sewn on.

I can take some photos if there is interest.

James Keeline

Major Pepperidge said...

The guy receiving that flag doesn't look too thrilled. "What the heck am I supposed to do with this?".

The "stereo showcase" reels usually came with your brand new Viewmaster viewer. They changed over the years, so depending on when they were from, they might feature photos of scenic subjects (including a Disneyland scene, often), and later on, stills from popular TV shows (the Mod Squad, or whatever).

Kevin Kidney said...

Yes, this flag still flies today over the train station.

We actually made replicas of those flags for the Disney Catalog during Disneyland's 50th in '05. Mickey was every bit as "off-model" as this flag and I heard people didn't like them much. But the flags were "correct".