Monday, April 28, 2008

Knott's Berry Farm - The "D" Ticket

The Knott’s Berry Farm “D” ticket had the shortest life span of all the lettered tickets and the fewest changes; therefore it’s going to fit in one big post. Before we continue, let me say it’s been such fun putting together this Knott’s "A Thru D" series, I’ve learn a lot and I hope you did to. You can see the entire Knott’s lettered ticket series here (Link).

The very first “D” ticket, this Child's ticket is from May 1975. There are only four attractions for this “least valuable” of the lettered tickets. However, they’re pretty decent attractions. The Shootin' Galley and Archery Range were at Knott’s for a while, odd that I can’t find a photo of either one!

The Merry go round, in its old location. The Merry go round is now near what’s left of the lake. At least it’s there on the 2008 map, tomorrow, who knows!

May 1976 has a new land added; the Roaring 20’s and the “25¢ Arcade Games” are on the “D” ticket. I remember the Arcade, but I don’t remember how you used these tickets for the games, did you exchange them for a token? I think the Arcade is still there.

The last of artists Wendy Pelzer’s great concept art work. “Cloud 9” Did they build this?

A nice “Grey Globe Paper” “D” ticket from April 1979. This is the same grey found on many Disneyland “C” tickets. This is the last appearance of the Cable Cars.

I believe the area for the Cable Cars was used to extend the park and the Camp Snoopy kid’s area. Where did the Cable Cars go? I hope not busted in half like the Cordelia K. Steamboat!

OK Knott’s experts, I need help on this March 1980 “D” ticket. I figured this post would hold no surprises; the “D” really didn’t change much. BUT, what the heck is “Black Bart’s Trail (Summer 1980)”? This will disappear off the next “D” in 6 months.

What was it? I only find two hard references to “Black Bart’s Trail”. (1) Disneyland 57/58 had a character named “Black Bart” (See post on Gorilla’s Don’t Blog) but that makes no sense in this context and (2) There is a reference on (link) that talks about a 1978Black Bart’s Trail of Terror” which is described as a “fun house” maze of mirrors and hallways near the graveyard in Ghost town “One of the first things you encountered in this "fun house" maze was an upright coffin, which featured an authentic dead body!” WOW, Knott’s went for some serious realism! But I don't think that is what this ticket is talking about, does anyone know?

January 1981, last of the “D” tickets. No changes except “Black Bart’s Trail” is gone.

Here, take these and head to the Arcade, I hear there’s only a short line to play Asteroids!

Well folks, it’s been a fun series. There’s still plenty of Knott’s tickets and stuff in the vault, so fear not Knott’s fans. Check back soon for more Knott's fun.


Jay Jennings said...

Your series on "Knott's tickets through the years" was very informative, as are the rest of your posts, but I especially enjoy the Knott's-related ones. Yes, I'm biased!

Chris Merritt said...

In 1981 the circa-1907 Cable Cars were sold back to San Francisco’s Municipal Transportation Agency.

As to Black Bart's Trail - no idea! Ken? I'll email Eddie Sotto, who worked there in 1980 - he may know...

Chris Merritt said...

Eddie has no memory of that - but thinks it may have been what you hypothesized - a continuation of the Haunt attraction into something permanent... Anyone else?

outsidetheberm said...

Ah yes... Black Bart's Trail. One of those attractions 'lost' to the black hole of skimpy information. From what little information I've run across, I don't believe it was ever actually built - other than as some kind of Haunt maze idea. Could be wrong, though.

keeline said...

My wife and I operate the railroad equipment at the Poway-Midland Railroad ( in the city of Poway in San Diego County , including its 1907 Baldwin steam locomotive which we ran this morning.

The Railroad also has an 1894 LA Railways yellow car trolley which was converted by one of the movie studios to be propelled by a gasoline engine (Corvair) for use in movies like Hello, Dolly!

All of our equipment is 42" gauge to go around our half-mile loop of track.

We also have one of the former Knott's cable cars. Right now it is undergoing major restoration. Many of the wood parts are being refabricated because of its condition. At Knott's they used batteries and electric motors. We will do the same but with a more modern electrical system, of course.

I don't know when it will be running but probably a year or more from now depending on how many volunteer hours are put in on it. I saw them working on it today while we were operating the locomotive.

We have one vintage postcard with a Cable Car. It's really good to see this view as well. I'd like to see any others people have.

Thanks for posting all of the great material here. We especially like Mine Train stuff but tickets are a strong interest for us as well.

James Keeline

bubbagoes2anaheim said...

Cloud 9 was built (I remember it from the late 70's even) and is still there. I seem to remember the cable car being like the parking lot tram at Disneyland (and looks like that in the picture, too). I remember crossing the tracks when walking in.

butcherbaby said...

late to the game, but black bart's trail actually *was* built. it was originally a halloween haunt maze that was meant to be a permanent attraction. from what i remember, it was REALLY good, and my brother & i were thrilled they were leaving it up- in 1980 we were 14 & 13, respectively, and had been die-hard haunt fans since we had first talked our parents into taking us when we were actually only *8* or *9*!
i remember our mother was at the time part of the buena park city council handicapped committee, and that knott's was forced by the city to close it down because it was not wheelchair accessible.
i don't remember why it hadn't been built to the handicapped codes (possibly they had been implemented just before, during, or after construction) or why it couldn't have been brought up to code & remained open, but i do remember our mom arguing to for it to stay because she knew how angry we kids were when we heard about it. i just remember it going and none of the effects or scenes ever being used again.
it's really too bad there is no information about it as it was arguably the best haunt maze knott's ever built.