Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bonus Sunday

Welcome to Bonus Sunday here at the blog. Today we have two extra nice items for your perusing pleasure.

First, have you seen the new Monorail at Disneyland? I haven’t seen it in person yet, but check out this picture from “DarkBeer's Monday in the Park” article on Miceage (link). This is a BEAUTIFUL machine; I have read it's whisper quiet and looks stunning gliding around Tomorrowland.

In honor of the new Red Monorail, here is the complete Vacationland from the Fall of 1959. This issue is full of fun stuff; lots of neat ads and as page 15 says “Something for Everyone!”

Vacationland Fall 1959 (43mb)

Up next, from Knott’s Berry Farm it’s the Mott Miniature Collection complete guide. This was the coolest display Knott’s every had. My first memories of Knott’s are these Miniature Displays. I was so enthralled with this collection when I was a kid, all I wanted to do at Knott’s was just see these displays! My dad would patiently stay with me for hours while I checked out each and every one.

Most of the displays have funny names; “C.D. Boyd – Photographer”, “T.R. Ash – Second Hand Store”, “A. Bullina China Store” and many more.

The Mott Miniature Collection (80mb)

From what I have heard, the collection was broken up and auctioned off. I am not even sure if the building is still there, somehow I think it's gone too.

Interestingly, my strongest memory of the Mott’s display is not included in the 45 pages guide above, it’s the tiny TV! Just to show I’m not crazy, and Ken over at “Outside the Berm” knows I’m not crazy because HE HAS THE TV!!! Here is a neat old ticket for Mott’s showing the TV, not dated, mid 1960’s?

*******EBAY ALERT********

I search EBay all the time for “Vintage Disneyland Ticket” and I find all sorts of things with that search, but I have never found this, an actual Vintage Disneyland Ticket Booth????? (EBay Item number: 200218778523).

This looks like the real deal to me. Ok, first I am sure this will be priced so far over my head I wont even see it, but if somehow I could buy it, where would I put it? Living room? Den? ….

These are two pictures from the EBay auction. The auction states "one of six".

Tomorrow: Knott’s Berry Farm – The “D” Ticket - Part 1 of 1.


Progressland said...

Yeah, that's definitely one of the ticket booths! Those date from the early 1980s, but I can't remember th exact year (1981 or 1984). You must have a pretty big den or living room if that would fit! Have you thought about putting it outside and charging admission...?

Vintage Disneyland Tickets said...

Hey I like the idea of setting it up in my driveway and charging admission! Regarding putting it in my house, your right, it won’t fit, well, it's too tall. But I have been thinking of ways to "raise the roof" since last night!

I was trying to see if these booths were remodeled from the older ones (not the first ones, they were tiny) they look like the same shape as the ones from the 1970’s, even the front windows line up (see: and let me know what you think?

Major Pepperidge said...

Thanks for the info about Mott's Miniatures! I don't remember those at all. I probably would have liked them had I seen them. For a while there was a museum of miniatures on Wilshire Blvd, (across from the LA County Art Museum), I wonder if any of Mott's collection wound up in that museum? It's gone now, unfortunately...

Viewliner Ltd. said...

"YOU RULE" Absolutely awesome. What a very cool trip to the past. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

outsidetheberm said...

Never realized the 'Modern Home' was not in this booklet (with the tiny TV).
We'll see how accessible it is and post a few pictures.

Davelandweb said...

I'm saving my money for a Disneyland urinal...I am sure that will eventually make its way to ebay! What a great find - let me know if you win the ticket booth!

Anonymous said...

Somebody has let these buildings stand for a log time in water, and only put them up on blocks when the damage became obvious. Note that the plywood skin on the back door and the vertical strips are all peeling or corkscrewing. I also doubt that there are structural floors, only platform decks, complicating moving these buildings.

The fact that there are no interior shots is also disturbing.

BTW Dave: the only urinal worth purchasing today at Disneland is the one in the Tiki Room's Enchanted Garden. If Walt used any of them, that was the one. I wanna wee-wee where Walt went.

-Katella Gate

Davelandweb said...

Katella Gate - you are killin' me!