Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Disneyland and the Armed Services

Today’s themed ticket post was an idea sparked by a great scan sent to me by Major over at Gorilla’s Don’t Blog (link). Disneyland had several special ticket plans for members of the armed services; let’s take a look at a few of them today.

First up, graciously donated scan from Gorilla’s Don’t Blog, from May 1970Welcome Home To All Returning Viet Nam Service Men”. $1.00 for admission and 10 tickets, way to go Disneyland! It sure is neat the way Disneyland honored the service men this way, they could have just offered the discount, but they made up special tickets too. Notice the serial number begins with “V

Inside the May 1970 book are 10 special tickets, very similar to “magic key” tickets of the time, with the exception of these getting that special cyan print color on the key and “Admit One”. Also, Major reports the actual tickets in his book are 10¢ thru 85¢, so my “loose” ticket example below must be slightly older than 1970.

Next up, “Armed Forces Weekends” these examples are from the “ticket binder” scan collection. I think it says "1968". Nice touch with the each branch of the service getting there own logo/shield. Serial number begins with “AF”.

Two admissions and 12 tickets, still a great deal at $5.25.

From my collection, dated September 1977, it’s “Military Weekends”. This book has never been used. It has a “Second Day” ticket under the “First Day” ticket, then 12 green "good on any attraction" key tickets, with standard red print. Serial number begins with “MW”. You may have noticed that neither Major or myself have folded back these mint tickets, we are dedicated fans, but not that dedicated!

Still a great value at $6.50. *** Update*** Hey if you like this mint ticket book, there is one for sale on eBay right now (link), no I'm not the seller, I'm the guy who buys tickets on eBay!

Last up it’s “Military Night at Disneyland” Friday, April 8, 1988. Star Tours was only a year old so it’s still getting plenty of promotion, can’t you just hear R2D2’s cute little sound in your head?

On a personal note; Whenever I see a member of the armed services, I make it a point to shake their hand and thank them for their service; we all owe our freedoms to them.


Progressland said...

I think I came across a full letter reproduced in an old Disneyland Line thanking the Park for offering the program. During March 1969 they received "thank yous for Vietnam privilege tickets," as well.

Viewliner Ltd. said...

Great post Tim. Ditto the thanks to all the soldiers. OOH-RAH!!!

sundaynight said...

I think men and women in the Armed Forces who came in uniform were at one time admitted free. They should bring back that tradition.

Major Pepperidge said...

Great post Tim! I'm always happy to contribute.

Elliott said...

I have a full booklet consisting of 10 Disneyland admission tickets from Globe tickets numbered v036620 in mind condition. On the back of the tickets it says welcome home to all returning Vietnam servicemen. I was wondering if they hold any value for a collector. What are they worth? Thank you for any of the help that you can contribute. Elliott Banforth

Unknown said...

Yes I have a original welcome home Vietnam tickets looking to sell but don't don't where