Monday, May 14, 2012

TV Week February 20, 1965

Welcome to Magazine Monday.  Today were going back to February 20, 1965 and half way around the world for Sydney Australia's TV Week.  

Looks like the folks down under we very excited about our very own Doris Day.

This "Crotchety Walt Disney" article appears to be a retread of the November 4, 1964 edition of the Saturday Evening Post, which I posted back in January 2009 (link). Although the Post left off the "Crotchety" part of the title!

Wow, I hope you like channel 3 and 5, because those are you only two choices, yes that's an entire days listings on two pages!

For 1965 its the stretch...

Milk does a body good, even in the southern hemisphere.

Gigs to a body bad, even down under!


Anonymous said...

That pig is not Porky. Irresponsible.

Major Pepperidge said...

"The Crotchety Walt Disney", what an odd title for an article! "He's a big meanie".... Oooookay!

outsidetheberm said...

That is an especially strange article. It has the same tone as Richard Schickel's 'Disney Version', unfortunately. Products of the sixties, perhaps.

Thanks for the look, Tim. Much appreciated.

Anonymous said...

I'd have killed people by now if not for the relaxing effects (I know they're stimulants!) of cigarettes. Cigs may do a body bad but they save lives as they help me tolerate fellow humans.

darkness said...

Gigs to a body bad? What does that mean? Love the rundown of the TV guide though!