Friday, May 11, 2012

Disneyland Magi-Pak Tickets - Part 3

It's been a while since we've looked at some Disneyland Magi-Pak tickets, in fact if you missed my first two posts of Magic-Pak tickets just scroll down because they are included in this post.    

This partial Magi-Pak book is from October 1966 and sports my favorite "Castle and Stars" safety paper rather than the usual Globe safety paper.  

Sadly this October 1966 ticket book would be the last to have Walt Disney's stylized autograph on the welcome page, to be replaced with the printed words "Walt Disney Productions" in 1967.

There were only these two tickets left in the book.  I "snapped" them away from the book that's held them for 45 years and it felt great!
My October 1966 choice on this "D" ticket is so easy, the Mine Train of course!

I'm ready for the climb up the stairs to see the Swiss family after handing over this awesome "B" ticket.

The back side of vintage tickets...

What do you suppose the prize was?  $3.25 for a maximum $8.35 value, wow that's a deal!



There’s not a lot of information on this subject, so I’ll share what we know. These “Magi-Pak” tickets were sold in the 1960’s. Probably 1963 to 1969, but that’s just a guess. The promotion appears to include; a “Magi-Badge” which I have never seen, DOES ANYONE HAVE ONE? Also included was a “prize coupon” and of course a deal on attraction tickets.

This loose Main Gate Admission ticket is undated, but certainly from the mid 1960’s.

Here’s the front of a Magi-Pak ticket book without the Magi-badge; Admission ticket missing. Not dated, but includes Walt’s signature and other clues that place it around 1964/65.

Fourteen of these Magi-Pak tickets are included in the ticket book, all “E” tickets if you use them wisely.

A fifteenth ticket was included that is very special and does date this book to 1964-65. It’s a special ticket that can be used for the Enchanted Tiki Room. In the Tiki rooms early days, it was owned by Walt personally so the normal Disneyland tickets were not accepted. See prior Tiki Room ticket post here (link).

Moving on to October 1966, this is the first instance of Walt’s signature being replaced with the “Walt Disney Productions” Stamp. I suspect this ticket book is actually from 1967, and the back (where you’ll see the date) was left over from October 1966. I have other non Magi-Pak ticket books from October 1966 that still have Walt’s signature.

The ticket is very similar to the older one shown early in this post, just a slight price increase to 75¢.

Here is the back of the ticket book. Notice the “6610” date code for October 1966. Looks like you did not get your prize at the park; I guess they mailed it to you. What was the prize????? This deal also included a "Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln ticket", what a deal!


Let’s take another look at some Magi-Pak tickets. The tickets in today’s post are all lettered tickets; yesterday’s post had tickets that were good for any attraction. Just as with the Magic Kingdom Club. Disneyland generally issued the “good on any attraction” tickets in the winter months and the lettered tickets in the summer months.

Up first is a partial Magi-Pak lettered ticket book, oh boy do I wish I had a complete one of these!

Here’s the “B” & “D” tickets from the above book. It’s difficult to date based on the attractions, but I would place them around 1964.

Slightly newer “A” & “B” tickets, 1968???

This “Star & Castle Paper” “A” Ticket is from late 1966 or early 1967. I sure do dig that paper!

These last two scans are from my copy of the grand Disneyland Ticket Binder. There is no other information than what you see here. Looks like the back to a mid 1960’s Magi-Pak book with an “Early Bird Special” coupon!

Lastly a nice mix of Magi-Pak tickets and back of the book.


Unknown said...

These tickets sure bring back memories. I always wanted to go to Disneyland and never thought I would make it from upstate NY. But I was there in July, 1966. I have some tickets left, one A and two C's. Walk was my hero and we happened to go on the day he opened New Orleans Square. I remember waiting in line and all of a sudden I saw him walking by and I yelled out there's Walt! The whole line followed him. What a dream come true. I remember him looking at me and waving at me. I did get some great movies of that day but I'm not sure I can find them today. He looked really great and we were all shocked when he died later that year. What wonderful memories!

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