Tuesday, December 6, 2011

"Doorway to Yesterday" - Disneyland Press Photo

This Disneyland press photo makes me smile. I like the unusual angle and the framing using the doorway to what must be the Bekins/Global Van building (link)? This photo is undated, looking closely at the clothing and hair styles (and sideburns!) I'd place it around 1970 plus or minus a year, what's your guess?


Daveland said...

Great photo - that framing of the doorway sure makes it cool!

Major Pepperidge said...

I don't have a guess about the date of the photo, but it is a very nice picture!

JG said...

I'm holding out for late '60's. The lady with the scarf, the kid in the white shirt, fonzie look-alike in the fire truck is the only guy in a t-shirt.

However, the large-figured pattern in the ladies blouse, just above the headlight, has a certain '70's look for sure.

"We gotta get out of the cornfield, Mabel, we're runnin' against the grain!"



Well, it has to be prior to 1974. The Santa Fe logo is still on the Main Street Train Station, and Santa Fe pulled it's sponsorship in '74.

Debbie V. said...