Saturday, October 1, 2011

Walt Disney Word Vacationland - Inaugural Edition - Fall 1971

Happy 40th Anniversary Walt Disney World! To help celebrate lets take a close look at the beginning. From the Fall of 1971 its Walt Disneyland Vacationland - The Inaugural Edition. Below are the highlights of this edition, come back tomorrow for the entire issue.

The very FIRST map of Walt Disney World, its sure looks fun doesn't it?

That's one BIG Castle!

Walt Disney World got its very own "Square", was this a substitute for New Orleans Square, both have their own unique charms.

Both of the Hotels have their own unique charms too!

Not into Hotels? Try Camping!


Major Pepperidge said...

Just imagine what it was like when there was only one Disney park for years, and then a new, HUGE second park opened!

I love that magazine map, if only the souvenir wall maps for WDW were as fun and well designed.

The Andrew Jackson AA figure has a silly look on his face; the other president (Tyler?) has dead black eyes.

TokyoMagic! said...

What a great issue of Vacationland. Until you posted one recently, I didn't know that WDW had it's own version....but it makes sense that they would. And yes, Liberty Square was a substitute for NOS. They felt that Florida was already close enough to the real New Orleans. I like how the park wasn't an exact carbon coby of Disneyland. I wish they would give each park their own unique attractions would give me a reason to go to Orlando more often.

Anonymous said...

I have an original of this magazine in mint condition with the map price guide plus the visitor magic kingdom map and the 1971 October 15 life magazine celebrating the oPening of the park. Any interested leave me your contact info