Monday, April 8, 2013

Tommy Walker's Reply - 1960

Here'a an interesting group of paper items from Disneyland's early days. This first item is undated and possibly unrelated to the other items but lets pretend they all belong together.  Tommy Walker himself may have signed the original that was used to make the stamp of his signature that's seen on this letter.  The letter head appears to have been beheaded. 

This sheet is pure gold to vintage ticket people like myself.  The Mine Train is the only attraction to move up a ticket.

There's got to be someone out there that would find these two pages as pure gold, who could he be?


mouseclubhouse said...

To answer your question... me! I find this pure gold, too! And paired with a Tommy Walker letter: Platinum! Thanks for posting. True treasures.

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Patricia Carter said...

A reply by a typewriter. it must be a very old document.
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