Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Street Rodder - June 1975

Welcome to Magazine Monday (a day late but not a dollar short...).  Set your time machine to the dead center of the 1970's for the June 1975 issue of "Street Rodder" Magazine.

If you like the Main Street Vehicles at Disneyland as much as I do you'll love this in-depth 5 page article. Bob Gurr is interviewed and shown below.

Too bad the Carnation Truck is not longer at the park.  That little red car is still there!

There are some fantastic photos in this article and lots of behind the scenes stuff.

Even the America Sings car gets honorable mention (made from "Wood and Glass").

Great custom cab from the cover.

Nice color!

This answers many questions...

Chic indeed.

Can't you hear the announcer voice as you read this?

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Major Pepperidge said...

Awesome! I love the more "nuts and bolts" look at the cars (literally!). Check out Bob Gurr's long hair! And fabulous babes posing in bikinis next to hot rods - can't get enough.