Monday, April 16, 2012

Sundancer Magazine - May 1976

Welcome to Magazine Monday.  Looking towards the bottom of the stack today we find "Sundancer" magazine from May 1976.  This appears to an "in-flight magazine" from Hughes-AirWest (a great tribute website can be found here - link).  Los Angeles artist Robert Krogle does his "first" illustration for the cover, does anyone else think it looks a lot like this (link)?

A fairly straight forward account of Southern California's "things to do" circa 1976.  Who would have thought these were "simpler times".

I was going to look up the artist on this Kodak advertisement to see if he also did Playboy cartoons, but, well, I really don't have too.  I don't recognize his name, but I most certainly recognize his work!  Anyone else with me on this?

Even though O.J. is trying to rent us a Pinto, I bet he's much rather be doing that than what's he is currently doing.

I'll take the LTD for $14 per day!

Pretty Jag... To bad you probably needed a personal mechanic just to keep it running!

That's one odd looking wireless phone, it kind of looks fake, but for $400 it better be real.

I wanted one of these calculator pens so bad, Bond, James Bond.

Neat article about NBC's and other disappearing logos.

This magazine must have been printed in an alternate timeline...  In our timeline this Hotel/Casino is of course "Biffs"

Back when the Golden Nugget was a Legendary Saloon!


DBenson said...

Rowland Wilson did cartoons for Playboy and for Punch Magazine. He also did impressive concept art for Disney -- pretty sure you'll find big color pieces in both the Hercules and Hunchback making-of books

Major Pepperidge said...

"Captain Fantastic" was the first LP I ever bought for myself, and I loved that cover (and the free poster inside).

The Calculator Pen is badass!

Hoot Gibson said...

OJ renting Pintos! Hilarious! Love this blog.