Thursday, April 19, 2012

Disneyland Summer '72

Today we've got a fun little Disneyland card/photo/flyer thing from the Summer of 1972.  

Oh man, I miss BOTH of these attractions in a really bad way...


Anonymous said...

I miss both of those attractions AND the summer of '72... in a really bad way.

I haven't been inside the gates for a decade. I live so close, I hear the fireworks every night. I've blocked out so much from the last time I was inside, I just don't accept that all the good stuff is gone.

The good old Disneyland from the pinnacle of its existence in the 1970s is in my spirit.

I believe I'll never enter the park again. It's not Disneyland anyway. Photos, footage, music and memories are what remains of Disneyland, not the real estate at 1313 Harbor.

TokyoMagic! said...

Yep, I miss THIS Disneyland. So much of Disneyland has been destroyed and will continue to be destroyed (i.e. Carnation Gardens) I can hear those people screaming about Walt's vision for the park to change, but about a change for the better instead of a downgrade??? (I'm talking about you Tomorrowland '98 and Winnie the Pooh Ride!)

Pegleg Pete said...

Bring back the Bears!

Anonymous said...

This is fantastic! Thank you!!

It was during that "Summer of '72" that I first visited Disneyland. I was 8 years old and my folks drove my brother and I from Denver to Long Beach (via Mesa Verde, Grand Canyon, Hover Dam, etc) where we stayed with my great aunt.

We drove into Anaheim to buy DL tickets the night before. While my mom and dad were buying the tickets, my younger brother and I ran up to the fence and gazed through and there, beyond the tunnels under the train station, we saw the most amazing parade of electric lights.

It was June, 1972.

This summer, I'm taking my 10 year old daughter on the same road trip I took when I was 8, ending up at the same destination (this won't be her first visit). (BTW, I took her to WDW last summer and we saw both the Electrical Parade as well as The Country Bear Jamboree.)

-Ed C.

Kevin Kidney said...

Oh oh oh. I love this!

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